Resources on Speech and Language

From the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association 

How should my child be hearing and speaking?

From birth to age five

What is the difference between Speech and Language?

What is Pragmatics or social language use?


About JenLo Farm

Lois Hickman, M.S., OTR, FAOTA is the founder of JenLo and has over 30 years of experience as an occupational therapist.  In addition, Julie Abrams, OTR, provides unique occupational therapy sevices, enabling children to work on their strength, motor planning, balance and sensory processing at the farm.

“Therapy on a farm, with real jobs that must be done regularly to maintain the land and the animals, improves sensory integration, self-awareness, and relationships with others. Farms, like children, involve growth, nurturing, hard work – and down-to-earth fun! The connectedness inherent in this way of life can promote healthy change at all levels for children with developmental delays.” Lois Hickman, OTR
A map to JenLo Farm

When you come to the farm, wear grubby clothes, closed-toe shoes, bring a hat, sunscreen, and wear winter gear in the cooler months.  Typically, a portion of each session will be inside the “melding” house/ playhouse.